At Sola Lucy we look for seasonal, fashion-forward, new and gently-used clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.  We enjoy receiving boutique brands, designer labels and fine jewelry as these are items that generally do well on consignment.  We only accept items that we feel will sell in our stores as we want them to sell for you!

Please follow these simple consignment guidelines to help you decide which items to bring in for consideration at our stores:

  • We take items which are IN SEASON, so please make sure to bring garments which are appropriate for the CURRENT SEASON.  Please visit our IN SEASON page for examples of what styles and garments we're looking for.
  • We look for current & contemporary fashion styles which are in good condition, free of stains, holes and peculiar odors.  We do not accept items that are in need of repair, out-dated, too worn, or not of very good quality.
  • Clean, well-pressed and fragrance free items please!  You DO NOT need to present garments on hangers.  Neatly folded items in bags are just fine.
  • At this time we only accept WOMEN'S APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES.  We carry a wide range of garment sizes between 0-18 at both of our store locations.  Our Montclair boutique currently carries an additional plus-size garment rack with sizes ranging up to 24.  
  • As a rule of thumb, most consignment is generally priced at 1/3 below the original retail cost.
  • We do not have a limit to the number of items you would like us to look at, however if you have a very large drop-off, it is best to call ahead so that we can accommodate you or make a special appointment for you.  In special circumstances we make local house calls.
  • Wait times for consignment vary, depending on the day of the week.  Busiest consignment days tend to be Thursday-Sunday.  Upon arrival you will be asked to sign in and provide your personal contact information, including your email so that we may start a consignment account for you.
  • Once you begin a consignment account with us, you may check the status of your consignment any time, any day that we are open by contacting us via phone, or stopping by our locations in person.  Please make sure to visit the appropriate store where your items are being consigned. 
  • All consignment will be contracted for 2 months at a time, at which you will receive 40% of the selling price when your items are sold.
  • Conservative "career-wear"
  • Maternity or children's clothing
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes or workout clothing
  • Underwear, lingerie or hosiery
  • Bathing suits
  • Wedding, bridesmaids or prom dresses formal wear
  • Costumes
We are very particular about the kinds of vintage clothing, fur & leather coats & accessories we can accept as consignment.  We do not specialize in these items, but will do our best to accommodate you.    Feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions or concerns about any specialty items you are taking into consideration for consignment with our stores.  Thank you for taking the time to read our consignment policies.