When I opened my first store, I guess it was only     perfect I named my business "Sola Lucy" which translates to "Only Lucy."  I was really on my own for the first time in my life, and in looking back, I've always been very independent by nature.  

Passion doesn't even come close to describing my love of fashion, but the one thing I always wondered is how it could be more green.  I wanted to do something that combined fashion with community and give customers a place to shop that really meant something to them by providing a different approach to shopping at the big box retailers.  So in 1994, I took the leap and opened Sola Lucy on a little Berkeley street off 5th and Delaware, and now we're still going here 18 years strong.  

As a conscientious consumer, I whole-heartedly believe in eco-friendly business practices.  It's the little things that count and make a difference in our daily lives.  Our customers bring us their recycled bags which we reuse every day for new client purchases.  We make every effort to reduce the amount of paper produced daily by corresponding with our clients through email.

With today's economy, more so than ever, I feel it's essential to maintain our focus.  It's so rewarding to be able to offer stylish and contemporary fashion to the community at affordable prices.  It's the quality of our merchandise that is paramount.  Everyone who comes to Sola Lucy - both shoppers & sellers - If it wasn't for their choice to walk through my doors, we wouldn't be here after all these years.  We value what you bring to us.  You are the key to the success and growth of Sola Lucy!

Next to opening my store, having my girls has been the greatest achievement of my life.  I wanted to make a difference for them by being a good role model and showing them that anything is possible if you have a dream and work hard to make it happen.  I am so appreciative to have this wonderful opportunity to do it everyday.

Thank you for your continued support of Sola Lucy.  It means the world to me.