Quite simply, all of us at Sola Lucy LOVE fashion, and better yet, we love the variety the Bay Area has to offer!  Our customers have shopped with us for over 18 years and they keep coming back.  We want you to feel at home and welcomed in our stores.  Perhaps that is why when you visit Sola Lucy, you'll feel as though you're looking through your best friend's closet. 

Our philosophy is to offer you a wide selection of well-edited seasonal merchandise.  We focus on selecting stylish & contemporary popular labels at affordable prices.  We carry quality garments and accessories, with an emphasis on natural fabrics and great design.  We specialize in offering items which are current, classic, or totally unique.  Shopping consignment is a great way to express yourself creatively, and save money while finding amazing treasures!  

We believe customer service is paramount.  There is no limit you to the number of garments you can bring in for consignment.  We accept consignment EVERY DAY without an appointment and we pride ourselves in processing items quickly, with new merchandise hitting the floor every hour.

Consignment can be fun!  It's a great way to recycle your unwanted clothes and trade them in for something new, or to earn extra money.  We have over 10,000 active consigners between both our Berkeley & Montclair locations.  Starting an account is EASY and takes minutes!

We actively support greener business practices by offering customers recycled bags, tissue paper and jewelry boxes.  We also encourage bag-free shopping. Reusable paper and plastic bag donations are welcomed from the community at both of our store locations.  We also accept jewel hanger donations which we utilize on our racks.  We also correspond with our customers via email to try to limit the amount of paper we produce.  We donate clothing to local charities with common philosophies in mind.  

Recycling is not a trend, it's a reality.  All of us at Sola Lucy believe and spread a mindful community message which we call THE PLEDGE to wear RECYCLED clothing & accessories.  For some of us it's a reality, and for others a choice.  We happily support a philosophy to wear and purchase a percentage of your wardrobe used every year!  It's a great way to save money, feel fabulous, and to always look completely unique!  Shopping resale is something to be proud of and a mantra we enthusiastically embrace!